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Sharma springs Bali 2012 Ibuku

Ibuku is a team of designers and builders who aspire to make the most of Bamboo projects. Considering it as the most beautiful, versatile, largest and strongest material. Its strength, its flexibility, its four-year growth cycle, and its ability to capture carbon make bamboo a sustainable building material environmentally friendly. The new natural treatment methods have given a longer life capacity. Ibuku

engineers, architects and designers have created a new design language. Bamboo is not only good for the environment, but it also helps people living in a space built of bamboo to connect with nature.

Sharma Springs was designed for the Sharma family as a fantastic escape habitat in the jungle. With its 6-levels, 4 bedrooms, its 750m² houses overlooks the valley of the Ayung River, was built in 2012 in Bali almost entirely of bamboo. The entrance to the house is via a spectacular bridge-tunnel that leads directly to outdoor living, dining, kitchen and spaces.

Gare Orient – Lisbonne 1993 – 1998

The railway station built by Santiago Calatrava in Lisbon is a brilliant use of space based on a vitalist concept.
The steel structure, concrete and glass spreads over four different levels. Most impressive is the highest level, where four train platforms are covered with a glass roof supported by pillars that look like trees with many branches.
On the ground floor, wide entrances covered by huge canopies facilitate access to the railway station. Spacious halls and many passages allow flow through the structure through large arches of concrete, like the roots of this underground world, which support the upper floors.
The Oriente station has become an iconic structure and one of the most important architectural monuments built in Lisbon.